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The stylish LED cell phone case for your smartphone not only offers you exclusive and unique designs, but also a whole range of new functions. The LED lights of the cell phone case with LED can be controlled separately and have their own power supply. With it you can beautify your selfies, record better videos, orient yourself more easily in the dark or even perfectly illuminate your face during FaceTime calls.

A smartphone cover with more functions

The smartphone cover with Selfie Light offers you many different functions. It protects your device and ensures that your smartphone is easy to use. Above all, it offers the great convenience of being able to control and use the LED case as required.

The Selfie Case from Exclusive-ID offers you the perfect combination of protection, comfortable use of the built-in LED lights and good access to your device. All buttons, sockets and switches are also easily accessible and with the mobile phone case with LED usable without restrictions. It is ideal if you use your iPhone for a wide variety of purposes and want to remain as flexible as possible.

Comprehensive protection with the selfie case

Because the cell phone case with LED exactly matches the shape of your smartphone has been adapted, this protects the device perfectly from light impacts and falls. The kinetic energy is derived in the LED case, so your iPhone is less likely to be damaged. This not only maintains the functionality, but also the value of your device immensely. A well-fitting smartphone cover is therefore always a protection for your mobile device.

The LED cellphone case from Exclusive-ID differs significantly from the offers of many competitors. The peculiarities and special features include:

  • The LED case is extremely thin and therefore extremely stylish
  • The selfie case can be switched on with the push of a button
  • The LED luminosity can be set directly on the smartphone cover
  • The Selfie Light can be easily charged using an iPhone charging cable
  • The LED lamps in the LED cell phone cover can do several Hours with one charge

Comparison with and without LED case

Here you can use your LED cell phone case particularly well

The cell phone case with LED lighting offers you a great help in many different situations. Because the light emitted by the smartphone is often not enough to achieve perfect illumination under poor lighting conditions. With the selfie case, such problems are a thing of the past. You can easily adapt the selfie light to the existing lighting conditions and use it for selfies, videos or face-time calls. The white light with high luminosity ensures a perfect fit with this smartphone cover from Exclusive-ID Illumination in every situation.

How to control your LED case easily and straightforward

Using your new cell phone case with LED functions is child's play. You can switch the light of your LED case on or off and set the selfie light according to your wishes in just a few simple steps. This means that the LED mobile phone cover can complement your iPhone exactly with the functions that were previously considered a weak point in face-time calls or when using the selfie camera.

Charging your LED mobile phone cover is also easy and uncomplicated. You do not need any separate accessories, you can simply use your usual iPhone charging cable to quickly supply the smartphone cover with new energy. Since the LED bulbs consume enormously little energy despite their high brightness, you can use your charged mobile phone case with LED for a long period of time. So your selfie case is always available to you.

With the LED mobile phone cover makes your smartphone even more functional

The LED mobile phone cover from Exclusive-ID offers you an enormously high level Benefits at different levels. On the one hand, the selfie case protects your iPhone and ensures that it retains its value. The fashionable and elegant design and the slim design also make your smartphone a real eye-catcher. The versatile selfie light functions ensure perfectly illuminated selfies, videos and face-time conversations with your iPhone. Order your LED case for your iPhone today and you will receive it in no time!

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