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The Exclusive-ID LED case - #beexclusive

Our smartphone is our daily companion in all situations. It is all the more annoying when our expensive and high-quality companion slips out of your hand and breaks.

Turn the night into day with the LED case from Exclusive-ID

With an LED case from Exclusive-ID, you optimally protect your smartphone from any form of vibration. Surrounded by a layer of plastic, it is protected from scratches and other damage to the device in the event of a fall.

All cell phone cases that you can design yourself at Exclusive-ID are made of first-class materials. The LED cover has an intelligent click-inn system and is made of high-quality plastic that optimally protects against bumps and scratches. The case is significantly thinner than conventional LED cases, fits comfortably in the hand, and of course all control elements remain freely accessible. The LEDs last 48 hours in solid light and can be easily charged using a charging cable.

Choose your design, total freedom

The design is printed on the hard case by UV printing in a way that it remains flexible enough to go with your every movement. This guarantees a long lifespan for your phone case.This guarantees a long lifespan for your phone case. And you can completely design it yourself. Choose between the trending colors black, gold and rose to design your LED case cell phone case the way you always wanted it. The high quality print is durable and sublime. The higher quality is what sets it apart from all other stores

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