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Mobile phone case design made easy

Want to create a mobile phone case that represents your style? Are you looking for a very personal mobile phone cover that no one else has in the form? Exclusive-ID makes it possible. Design unique and individual smartphone cases for your Samsung or iPhone according to your taste.

Design mobile phone Case in many variations

How many times has it happened to you that you have confused your smartphones because they all have the same thing? With a personalized smartphone case this can’t happen again in the future. On Exclusive-ID you can create your own design for your mobile phone case. Create a mobile phone cover for numerous iPhones and Samsung models, which protects your smartphone optimally and puts you in the right light. We offer you different cover variants for the mobile phone cover design:

Each mobile phone cover has its own merits, which are quite attractive. Color Case covers are especially interesting for those who like it colorful. The Carbon Handy Cases are noble and offer perfect protection. LED Handy Cases are adored by Selfie fans because they include extra light. With the Logo Case you can have symbols and icons printed on your phone case. All variants can be seen.

The LED Case at a glance

If you are crazy about Selfies, the high quality LED case is the right choice to design your personal mobile phone case. This mobile phone cover always gives you a good lighting for you and your friends. In this case is already an LED light integrated, which can be turned on at the push of a button. As a result, you get high-quality photos that are not too dark and present you in the best light. All LED smartphone cases are ultra thin and made of high quality synthetic material.

The advantages of your design mobile phone case as an LED case are as follows:
Extra LED lighting for perfect Selfies
Ultra thin protective cover
Individual marking

Make a Color Case mobile phone case yourself

The Color Case is interesting for everyone who likes it colorful. Get the unique plastic case in the colours white, black, gold, light pink or transparent. With a personalized inscription, your smartphone becomes an individual you won’t want to miss anymore. All cases are handmade and of high quality. Thus, your design mobile phone case is protected from bumps and scratches. Look around and discover the possibilities that are open to you for your unique smartphone case.

The Color Case advantages are:
Many colors to design the mobile phone case
Made of high-quality plastic
Mobile phone pouch with name or slogan

The carbon case at a glance

Would you like to make a mobile phone case yourself that is made of 100% carbon and promises perfect protection? The high-quality carbon sleeves from Exclusive-ID are perfect for you. Choose either a Matt or Gloss cover. Of course, this case can also be individually labeled. For example a mobile phone case with your name or with your initials. Carbon cases are the hit for all those who want it especially noble.

The carbon cover advantages at a glance:
Made of 100 % Carbon
Matt or gloss
Different colours and patterns for the lettering
Name mobile phone case
Made in Germany

Logo mobile phone cover make by yourself

The Logo Cases is also made of high quality plastic, choose to design mobile phone cases from different colors and fonts. In addition, with this variant there is the possibility to add a logo. Choose a suitable motif from our range for your design mobile phone case and your smartphone case will shine even more individually. With a personal inscription you create an individual, where others will pale with envy.

A Logo Cases offers the following advantages:
Make your own mobile phone case incl. logo
Individual marking
High quality cover
Many colours

Designing mobile phone pouches made easy: What possibilities does a personalized smartphone offer?

Designing a mobile phone case is well worth it. Why? Because your design mobile phone case becomes a unique piece, which only you possess. So it can no longer be confused with the other smartphones of your friends. A mobile phone case with name or individual inscription shows who you are and becomes the perfect fashion accessory for you. Making a cell phone cover yourself is not only fun, but you can create a cell phone cover that represents you 100%. You like to wear pink and like glamour or a mobile phone cover with names? Then design your mobile phone sleeve with your favourite colour. Complete your smartphone case with a short text of your choice and the personalized phone cover is ready. Whether you decide for a mobile phone case with name or for another label, with Exclusive-ID you create a unique specimen! Your new smartphone case is individual, stylish and perfectly your look.